My background

2003-2007 Bachelor of Computer Science in UGM, Indonesia (

Final project title:

Difabel is a person with different abilities compare to people in general, (i.e. deaf, mute), they require special treatment to be able to access the computer. Software and hardware developer should involve them in design process. For difabel not all of information form can be obtained, i.e. deaf people just can obtain information in form of sound and Braille. World Wide Web is one of complete source of information. Then, VoIP technology is use internet to route sound. Combining both could produce information system for difabel.

Information system implemented as RSS (Really Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary) reader of IVR (Interactive Voice Response). Configuration can do through web based interface, build using Ruby on Rails framework and RAGI (Ruby Asterisk Gateway Interface) API. Festival is text to speech software used to change RSS text into sound form. And Asterisk PBX used to access IVR from VoIP networking.

Results from this research are the sound of IVR is clearly enough, text speech in English. Configuration through web interface can work well. DTMF signal that send to IVR handled correctly. RSS URL that was not found handled using exception of connection stream and timeout.

2007-now Master student of Computer Science in UTM, Malaysia (

Research area:
Handwriting recognition, segmentation of cursive handwritten.

[1] “Off-line Character Segmentation Technique for Handwritten Cursive Word – A Survey” (paper submitted to PARS 2008, still on review)

These are several project that I have been done, start from 2004-2007:

Preview Name and Date Description Source Code
Internet Cafe Billing Billing Internet Cafe, July 2007 Desktop application for billing system in internet cafe. I’m develop the reporting module in Ms. Excel format. Team: M. Iqbal (main programmer). Tools: Delphi and Firebird.
Prediction of Sugar Balance Application Prediction of Sugar Balance, Nov 2006 Desktop application for predict Indonesian sugar balance using trends and regression methods. I’m developing this entire project. Departemen Pertanian uses this application. Tools: Delphi and Firebird
Stuko Stuko, June 2006 Desktop application used to count number of people in small area (in Indonesia call RT/RW). My contributions are improving and add new features from core system. The core system develops by Dimas. Team: Dimas (programmer). Tools: Delphi and Ms. Access. Size: 914KB. Licence: GNU GPL Licence Download
[none] LiveServer, May 2006 All in one webserver (Apache, MySQL, PHP), I make it lite and portable. Platorm: Windows.  Size: 5.28MB. Licence: GNU GPL Licence, email me
Docci Docci, Feb 2006 Web application for manage documentation of projects. My contribution is developing the core system. Team: Aunk (theme designer). Tools: PHP and MySQL. Framework: GTFW.  Size: 333KB. Licence: GNU GPL Licence Download
[none] EStore drupal module, Jan 2006 This module used to advertise small home industry. We can create node that describe the small home industry. I’m developing this entire module. Tools: Drupal v.4.6.3.
[none] FKY Agenda, Dec 2005 This web application used to help visitor of FKY Event to find information about FKY agenda. Team: Fakur (programmer). Tools: PHP and MySQL.
Avion RC Hobbies Avion RC Hobbies, June 2005 E-Commerce web based application. This is my first project, simple and useful. I’m developing this entire project. Team: Dipta (database). Tools: PHP and MySQL.  Size: 379KB. Licence: GNU GPL Licence Download

These are several publication that I have been written, start from 2004-2008:

Title and Date Description Link
AJAX, March 2008 This is my second book, but it still not yet done. Last progress: Chapter 1. Language: Indonesia.
Menggunakan Festival Sebagai TTS Pada Asterisk, April 2007 This is a tutorial how use Festival text to speech in Asterisk PBX. Language: Indonesia. Size: 28KB. Download
Menghubungkan Rails dengan Asterisk, April 2007 This is a tutorial how to connect Rails framework to Asterisk PBX. Language: Indonesia. Size: 29KB. Download
Tutorial Membuat Jaringan Lokal, March 2007 This is a tutorial how to build small LAN in home. Language: Indonesia. Size: 329KB. Download
Tips Teknis Penulisan Karya Ilmiah, Jan 2007 This is tutorial and tips and trick how to make table of contents and make captions. Language: Indonesia. Size: 552KB. Download
Ruby on Rails, Jan 2007 This is my first book, but I’m still confuse how to finish it :). Pages: 36. Language: Indonesia.
Apa sih Java itu ?, Dec 2005 Tutorial to start learn Java by writing Hello World code. Language: Indonesia. Size: 95KB. Download

last update: March 24, 2008

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